Coworker(s) Drama(s) from an introvert’s point of view

Published 02/10/2014 by writingismysavinggrace

I am working in a department that is all females and EXTREME drama. For me, a 12 hour shift is like watching a tv soap opera and as an introvert I usually am just watching everything go down.

The ages in my department vary from 20 to 55 years old. The things they gossip and complain about is reaching ridiculous and I have only worked in this department for 4 months!

This position for me is like a filler position in life. I am working there to (1) get experience other than school, (2) to earn money to pay the student loans, and (3) because it is close to home and with my grandmother very frail, I want to remain here to get as much time with her as possible. My thinking is that when I move on, I will have a good reference and good experience to get a job in my career.

As I watch the drama, I am just in awe because people are so unhappy that they are complaining about everything from the type of pens to the temprature in the areas to the people that come in to use the public bathrooms, the list goes on and on.

I have a coworker that is known to complain the most and people dread it when they have to work with her. She is really good at her job, but is unable to get through a shift without complaining or gossiping about other coworkers. I am lucky all three days that I am scheduled to work (three 12 hour shifts (full time too!)), I get to work with her for at least 4 hours each shift.

A couple of days ago, someone told me that they think that I am stuck up because I don’t talk about myself (and about others) while I am at work and that some people think that I am cold hearted. When I told people that really know me about this, they all laughed because to people who know introverted behavior, know that is pretty normal. My thought is why put yourself out there to people that are going to gossip about you.

So I don’t. I am nice and friendly, but I don’t really share at work unless it is work related. I guess that my coworkers can continue to see me as stuck up because I don’t want to play their games.


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